New QUANTUM RESULTS – Biofeedback Navigation Training

Dear Members! We are honored and excited to announce the new QUANTUM RESULTS – Biofeedback Navigation Training featuring Expert Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner & Instructor Carol Wilcock, RN, MSN, QBI, DsAM is now available! This one of a kind Quantum Biofeedback video training series is designed for both the new practitioner and seasoned professional looking to take their understanding and practice to the next (more…)

News and Announcements Plus INDIGO LIVE Session

Good FRIDAY!  Today we reviewed some upcoming events, how to use the accessory ports for your SCIO, INDIGO and EDUCTOR Biofeedback Systems PLUS an older Navigational Training where Louise Swartswalter does a Live Client Protocol with us on her INDIGO Biofeedback System. (Below) Enjoy!...

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