Dr. Bill C & Prof Desire’ – Extra Waveform Generators and BIG Program

Kick Off the Summer with learning some vital information. Join us this Thursday, June 7th at 11:00 AM MDT Dr. Bill will be hosting Desire' as they describe the extra Waveform Generators available in the Eductor... what they mean, how they were created and how they enhance all chosen Biofeedback Programs. Secondly, Prof. Desire' will (more...)

New QUANTUM RESULTS – Biofeedback Navigation Training

Dear Members! We are honored and excited to announce the new QUANTUM RESULTS – Biofeedback Navigation Training featuring Expert Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner & Instructor Carol Wilcock, RN, MSN, QBI, DsAM is now available! This one of a kind Quantum Biofeedback video training series is designed for both the new practitioner and seasoned professional looking to take their understanding and practice to the next (more…)

Prof. Desire’ and Dr. Bill  Thursday November 2nd, 2017

Webinar with Professor Desire and Dr. Bill Cunningham  Thu, Nov 2, 2017 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM MDT Mandalay issues, and new software's  features, and benefits. This Webinar is open to all due to the concern Prof. Desire' has for you having the correct authentic software from the one and only innovator.

Conference Welcome Interview with Desire

For all that joined us and for all that missed the Live Event... here is a little gift and reminder for what it to come in this interview Jake Cunningham does with Desire Dubounet to kick things off. After the 30 Minute interview, Bill Cunningham opens things us for Q & A! Missed the Conference but want to watch (more...)

‘Bulls-Eye Protocol’ w/ Bill Cunningham – 7-21-17

Attention All White Dove Members! This Friday at 11am MDT, Dr. Cunningham of White Dove Healing Arts will be will be showing his exclusive, time-test and proven 'Bulls-Eye' Navigation Protocol. What is that you may ask? The Bulls Eye Protocol is the accurate and quick way to aim at and hit the target of even the toughest cases and always (more...)